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Have you found Christmas?

I wrote a card for my doctor last night. I wrote,

“Wishing you a merry X’mas.”

My mother said no one would be merry with a “X’mas”. X’mas is something unknown. As in Maths, we always use the unknown as “X”. Until you find Jesus Christ, X’mas is only another day, what is the reason to celebrate about?

Mummy said, “You have to put “Christ” first, then you have Christmas.”

Dear friends, Merry CHRISTmas!

Mum’s Thoughts

I was walking along the Citylink in Sing-land. From the City Hall MRT or Raffles Shopping Centre, the Citylink links to Suntec City. I saw people. I did not know anyone of them. We passed each other. We rubbed shoulders. Everybody is rushing for last minute shopping.

In the middle of the hurry-burly and hustle and bustle of Christmas, with the old Christmas carol, “deck the halls with boughs of holly…’tis the season to be jolly.”, how many of these people are really happy. How many of these people feel the somberness of this occasion?

As I walked out the City Hall MRT, this banner caught me , “Have you found Christmas?” I received a gospel track that asked, “Would you like to find Christmas? To know how to find Christmas, please proceed to St. Andrew’s Cathedral Welcome Centre.”

I was also caught by one of the program of the concert, the Group Bamboo Band performed by Sarawak Lun Bawang Tribal. I walked in the ampitheatre and found a place to sit down and enjoyed two hours of music, dance and Youth Mime.

(Read about Lun Bawang people here)

Every Christmas season we remind each other it is not enough for Christ to have been born in Bethlehem some 2000 years ago. What really counts is this same Christ being born in our hearts. We have in our midst and in our hearts, if we have found Him, a Saviour, a Deliverer, a Rescuer, Christ the Lord.

That is CHRISTmas.

Though Christ a thousand times in Bethlehem be born
Until he is born within your heart
Your life is still forlorn.

Have you found Christ in the season?

Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Talk about it, that’s all

There are two entrances to my school. The side gate is located opposite a shopping complex. It is a small road with a rain shade all the way leading to the school. The other entrance is the main gate. During rainy days, most parents drop their children at the side gate.

I do not like using the side gate. It is very smelly. When the school began two days ago, my mother has to take a route that passed by this side gate because we have to drop off “Jie-Jie” first. The first day when we passed by the side gate, she asked, “Can I drop you off here?”

I said, “No.”

This morning, it was drizzling. My mother asked again, “Can I drop you here? Then we would not be caught in the rain.”

It was drizzling. We were also a little later than usual because of the traffic jam caused by the rain.

I said, “No, it is smelly.”

My mother asked, “Are you telling me that all your school mates dropping off here like the smell of the smelly drain?”

We looked at each other and burst into laughters.

Driving from the side gate to the main gate, I told my mother that by taking a longer route, I could stay in the car a little longer to be with her. If it’s raining, she could park her car and walk me to the school under a big umbrella. It’s just very warm. Of course, I do not like the smell of the drain at the side gate. Remember? I am allergic to many bugs, I can go sneezing the whole morning!

Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Being Simpanan

When I told my mother that I would be representing the school in a traffic games competition, my mother said, “But you have just learnt how to ride a bike?”

For the past one month, I went for training at the traffic garden every Saturday morning at 6 am until 8 am. My mother sent me there while my teacher trained me. I have enjoyed it thoroughly.

Yesterday evening, we were in the car. I told mum that I had another training session tomorrow morning. Mum asked what event I would be taking part. I told mum, “I am “simpanan”.”

Mum asked what’s “simpanan”. I told her it’s “reserved”.

“Reserved?” Mum looked at me and laughed.

I told my mother,

“Do you know being a “simpanan” is most difficult? I have to be trained in all the three events. I have to learn how to ride a bike, I have to learn to walk and I have to learn to drive. Because I don’t know who is not able to participate. I also have to learn the laws.”

Mum smiled and said, “What are you going to do if all the representatives can participate?”

If all my classmates can participate in the games, I think I can be a cheer leader!

(Hello, uncles, aunties and Jie-jie who have wished me a happy birthday, this one is for you all. I am small, but I can be a cheer leader if you ever need one. Best, Chris) )

Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Felt Violated

I have taken the role of school prefect since July this year. I am assigned to be in charge of the canteen area.

Canteen is the place where law and order can never be the menu of the day. School mates are all hungry. They seem to be so hungry that they can eat a cow. So, they behave like tigers and lions most of the time. What are in the menu then?

On a normal day, the menu will be jumping queue, pushing one another, shouting and giggling. In a lighter mood, the menu will include some laughters.

On a not-so-good day, the menu will be monkey faces, eyes rolling to the top and scolding the poor prefects for being busybody.

Last Friday, there was one girl schoolmate who took a bowl of noodles and stood outside of the canteen eating. I invited her to go into the canteen to eat. She sneered at me and refused my kindness. Anyway, she finished her food and off she went. She left the bowl outside the canteen. I had to take the bowl inside the canteen for her.

After my duty was over, I went back to my classroom. I noticed that the girl schoolmate was walking behind me. So, I purposely walked slowly and occupied the staircase so that she could not overtake me. Suddenly, she pulled my pants.

I was treated roughly and felt violated. I kicked her leg which she shouted, “I did not pull your pants.”

Still fuming when my mother fetched me after school, I shouted in the car, “I felt violated!”

My mother was amused by my ordeal. She jokingly said, “You felt violated or being molested?”

Molest? A new menu for the coming week?

Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Eyes of Wonder

My mother gave me a bag of surprises the other day when she greeted me at the school gate. I love surprises, especially those from my mother. She has a magic bag with surprises popping out every now and then. It makes me happy even on a blue day.

Now, here is the surprise – here come five little pigs and their daddy and mummy. You see, mummy always gives surprises. It is more than three little pigs. It is five little pigs.

Let me introduce to you the pigs.

Here come mummy pig. Mummy likes shopping. My sister says mummy can never have enough shoes! Oops… Ssh… My mother likes to say this – Are you spending the money that you have not earned to buy things you don’t need to impress people you don’t like? Today, mummy pig is shopping for her family. She would need vegetables, pepsi, books, a new hat and even a milk bottle.

Vegetables for her darling Mr Veggie! He eats healthy. Look at the greens in his basket! Mr Veggie always says he is the healthiest among the siblings.

I think Mr Veggie is great!


Mummy buys a bottle of Pepsi. Pepsi is for Miss Pepsi. Here you are.

She just loves pepsi. Everyday, she opens her eyes and asks for pepsi. She enjoys the gas!


Look at this baby pig. She is Miss Pacifier.

Mummy is going to buy her a milk bottle.

It takes her ages to grow out of the milk bottle.

She says she wants a new hat. She says this purple hat just does not match with her peach body.

She is Miss Vanity.

She cries when the mirror on the wall says Miss Pepsi is the fairest of them all.


Now here come the apple in the eyes of many uncles and aunties. Why? Because he is Mr Smart.

He is good in his studies. He has just graduated with a law degree from Oxford University.




Finally, here is daddy pig. Mummy pig has nothing for him. He looks sad.

Mummy hands over the empty basket to him and says,

“Tomorrow you are going to shop for all of us. There is a big bad wolf outside the house huffing and puffing. I am taking a rest.”

Why is the big bad wolf huffing and puffing outside the house?

Because it’s so hazy outside that the big bad wolf can hardly breathe! Is daddy going to bring him home for some gaps of clean air?

The end….

Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Because a little bug went Ka-Choo

Here is the story –

One fine morning, a little bug sneezed.
Because of the sneeze, a little seed dropped.
Because the little seed dropped, a worm was hit.
Because a worm was hit, the worm got mad.

When the worm was mad, it hit a tree. A coconut dropped. It hit on a turtle. The turtle splashed into the water. A hen got wet. The hen got mad.

When the hen got mad, it kicked a bucket. The bucket went up and when it went down, it hit Farmer Brown. Framer Brown’s head got stuck in the bucket. He phoned for help. Police came speeding. They hit a stone. One policeman flew up all alone. When the policeman came down, he landed on the boat of Mary Lou and made a big hole in the Mary Lou’s boat.

The boat started to sink. Everyone started to scream. Mrs Brown called on the phone for more help. They tied a strong rope on Mary Lou’s boat. The boat did not sink, but it needed to be fixed.

So, they went to town. They ran into a circus parade. The whole town turned into chaos!

I thought the story was hilarious when my mother read to me when I was 3 or 4. Then when I was a little older, I thought it was boooooooring! But I think the whole thing started with the worm getting angry and hit a tree. The hen also got mad and kicked a bucket. It will be a happy ending if the bug sneezed and hit a seed that fell to the ground and grew up to be a bean tree. Then, we can continue with the story of Jack and the Bean Stalk! I think it is more interesting.

I also have a story of sneeze and bugs. I sneeze very often. So often that my mother does not get excited over it anymore. But, this time, it was a little different. Because I sneezed, bugs went around. Because the bugs fly everywhere, I caught a sore throat. Because I had a sore throat, my nose blocked. Because my nose blocked, the bugs ran to my ear. Because the bugs stayed there, my ear got infected.

Because my ears got infected one time too often, my mummy got panic.

Because my mummy got panic, I got to see a special doctor in Singapore. Because the doctor is special, he said I am allergic to many bugs and cockroaches. So, I sneeze often. Because he is special, he also said I am over-weight. Because I am over-weight, he asked me to work on losing 2 kg first.

Because he said so, I have been working very hard. Because this special doctor said so, I even felt guilty eating a little piece of chocolate yesterday! Yeah, I have lost 1 kg!

When school begins on Tuesday, I will have to carry a 8-kg school bag and walk all the way to 4th floor where my class is located. Then it wil be fast for me to lose another kg.

See, sneezing is not bad, if you don’t get mad. The moral of the story is “Don’t get mad and hit a tree or kick a bucket. Then, even if you sneeze, you can meet a nice doctor who not only help you sneeze better, he can help you lose some weight!

Lessons for adults from
Because A Little Bug Went KA-CHOO
Rosetta Stone
Dr Seuss Series for Child Books

By Yan (Chris’ Mother)

This is a book of great truth. “You may not believe it, but here’s how it happened …” (that’s how the book begins.)

Soren Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher said, “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”

It is easier for us to understand this truth at the beginning of the year. On new year eve, just last night, did we realize more than at any other time in our lives we can never go back in time? We looked back and remembered, but we could not retrace a single moment of the year that had past!

Therefore, little Chris looked back at the story of the Little Bug and felt that if the worm had not been mad or the chicken had not been mad just because of little irritations, the whole serious chain events would not have happened! He understood life backwards, and seemed to understand that a little “bends” in life can make a whole world of difference!

Who can measure the potential of a sneeze?

Only time will tell. Therefore, the second truth is no matter how insignificant your work may seem now, but only time will tell the result of the consequence.

Who would have thought that a little sneeze of Chris would give him a determination to “lose some weight” by accepting certain forms of discipline or give up certain habits? We would not be able to see the influence on his life, it may reach beyond our years. But, we hold on the faith that “the sneeze has blown a seed and the seed has been planted”, God of harvest will cause the little seed to come to fruition.

When it does, it will be more than you can measure.

Before us stretches a new year. We feel the challenge of the unknown, of the unexplored, of the year ahead of us yet to be discovered. I feel a bit of excitement, a bit of fear, a feeling of weakness, but I know there are great possibilities in store for each of us in 2006, for God has said,

Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for them who loved Him. – 1 Corinthians 2:9b)

Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Unbroken Love from a broken heart

We finally watched The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The movie was on in Sibu the day before we left for Singapore. Mummy said we could watch it in Singapore. Upon arriving Singapore, we realized that the movie would only be on 22nd December. By then, we have returned home. So, we still watched the movie in Sibu.

However, we had the opportunity to walk through the wardrobe and experience the magic of Narnia in Singapore. We were on our way to Borders Bookshop when we passed by the stage set up by Focus on Family at Orchard Road.

The four scenes were Lucy’s first encounter with the Faun; Walk through the white witch’s castle; Gather clues in Mr & Mrs Beaver’s kitchen and Prepare for Battle in Aslan’s Camp.

I even acted as one of the wounded soldiers in preparing the battle in Aslan’s Camp. It was fun. At the white witch’s castle, I was quite uneasy being “scolded and chased out”!

The next day I even found out the secret of my doctor. He went through the wardrobe also. I knew it because he did not clean the stamp on his hand properly. I wonder if he was scolded and chased out also at the White Witch’s Castle.

Watching Narnia is a wonderful adventure. I imagine myself to be one of four children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. The four children discovered a world with talking animals. A great lion, Aslan, rules in majesty. It roars in triumph. Each time Aslan roars, I am a little scare. The children in the movie also tremble. But, they find hope in the loving roar of Aslan. Aslan submits to being put death by the evil characters controlled by the White Witch. However, at last the Kingdom of Narnia is freed. Winter goes. Springtime arrives.

I told my mummy that my heart melt when Aslan dies for Edmund. It is like the death of Jesus for you and me and all mankind.

What a friend we have in Jesus!

Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Not doing anything

When we were in a Christian Bookshop in Singapore choosing a present for my teacher, my Jie-Jie (sister Rachel) suggested to buy a book about how to “teach” students, how to “love” students.She went on to explain, “Then Chris would not be abused by this teacher next year! He will have a great time!”

My Jie-Jie does not know that Jesus has changed this teacher. She has been a loving teacher since Jesus came into her life. In fact, she was “OK” even before that, only that she was very strict.

I remember last year on Christmas Eve, we went to fetch this teacher to the Church. I sat next to her. Later, I learnt that one of my classmates said to his mum, “Poor Christopher, having to sit next to this teacher.”

Now, my mother is her good friend. However, don’t think that I am his favourite boy and live happily ever after in her class. She still punishes me when I am naughty.

The moral of the story is Santa knows when you are good, when you are bad, you better watch up!

Yesterday, I went to the Family Christmas Party of my mummy’s colleagues. When the “game master” asked for some male participants in the first game, I was the first one to stand up. I ended up making a fool of myself. The game was to dress up as a “Miss Santa” and be judged as “Miss Santa”.

I wonder whether they could organize better games. Boring!

The moral of the story is always know where you are heading before you jump into it.

Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Adding spices to life

My sister overheard this at the Pizza Hut counter yesterday.

“You want to cut your pizza into six pieces or four pieces?” The girl at the counter asked the customer.

The customer is a woman.

The customer answered, “Four pieces. I can’t finish six pieces.”

Adding spices to life (mum’s thoughts)

By Yan

Rachel and Chris like brain teasers or puzzles. They like to put me in a very “stupid” situations until one day I learnt how to handle such situation. I remember some brain teasers and ask them back. In order not to look very “stupid” too often, they cut down the number of times they want to “laugh” at me.

Such are spices that add joy to life.

I drink coffee with no sugar, creamer or milk. I don’t take tomato sauce, chili sauce, or whatever sauces. I like the real taste of food in many ways.

The basic colours of my wardrobe are black, white and blue. For many years, this has not changed. When the photography art turned from black/white to colours, my friend jokingly remarked on my “black and white” clothes, “Hey friend, we have entered the era of colours. Please add in colours.”

Life goes on in the black and white world.

Surprisingly, I fit in quite well of the changes in life. Over the years, though in the same industry of work, I have moved from the never ending paper works in the administrative department to the ever changing news world and now to the many faces in the business scenes. I have enjoyed each responsibility tremendously.

My friend said creamer, sugar, tomato sauce – are spices of life. It makes life more interesting and exciting.

I guess cutting one pizza into six pieces or four pieces make no difference. It’s still that piece of pizza. But it explores the value of laughter. When Chris and Rachel laughed about it, not meaning to laugh the old woman, it is like the comforting breath of God to lighten their heart.

Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh.

  • W. H. Auden
Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Walking with mummy

Mummy and I have found a new way to exercise. We walk. Where do we walk? And how do we walk?

We walk along the road. We walk from our house to the town and walk the other way back. It is walking a big circle. The walk takes one hour.

Why do we walk? I can not go swimming for the past one week because I have blocked nose and cough. That leads to an ear infection. I have seen a doctor this morning and the doctor said the infection is now clear. The best news is we can go on holiday on Wednesday. Last week, the doctor said I may not be able to travel because when the plane is landing it may hurt my infected ear.

Walking with mummy in the evening is a happy time. Mummy listens to all my stories. Mummy also tells her stories.

I ask mummy why doesn’t she just make it simpler by walking on the machine at home for one hour also. Mummy says, “Walking on the machine you can stop anytime. But walking away from home, you need to walk back home no matter how tired and lazy you are.”

I think walking along the road gives me more scenes to see and allows me more time with mummy.

Watch how you walk (mum’s thoughts)

“Look carefully how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of the time, because the days are evil. – Ephesians 5:15

When I suggested to Chris that we walk, he has many instructions on how we walk. Before the walk, he instructs –

“Don’t wear expensive clothes. Don’t bring your purse. Bring your handphone. Wear comfortable shoes.”

During the walk, he cautions and cares –

“Watch up, there is a hole there. It’s dark here, be careful. Is your knee painful?”

From the simple process of two steps repeated over and over again, I have gained much insights. How we walk is actually an apt simile for how to live our life.

The supreme thing is not where you talk, but how you walk, “Look carefully how you walk.”. It is followed with instruction on how to walk rightly and accurately.

As Chris and me walk along the road, we have no problem as to where to walk. We know where we are going. But how we walk is a problem. Part of the route that we take does not have a pedestrian walk yet. So, the reminders from Chris here, “Watch up!”

Know your way, understand your route. That’s how you should walk. “Understand this, be wise; don’t be foolish but act as a wise man.”

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