Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Because a little bug went Ka-Choo

Here is the story –

One fine morning, a little bug sneezed.
Because of the sneeze, a little seed dropped.
Because the little seed dropped, a worm was hit.
Because a worm was hit, the worm got mad.

When the worm was mad, it hit a tree. A coconut dropped. It hit on a turtle. The turtle splashed into the water. A hen got wet. The hen got mad.

When the hen got mad, it kicked a bucket. The bucket went up and when it went down, it hit Farmer Brown. Framer Brown’s head got stuck in the bucket. He phoned for help. Police came speeding. They hit a stone. One policeman flew up all alone. When the policeman came down, he landed on the boat of Mary Lou and made a big hole in the Mary Lou’s boat.

The boat started to sink. Everyone started to scream. Mrs Brown called on the phone for more help. They tied a strong rope on Mary Lou’s boat. The boat did not sink, but it needed to be fixed.

So, they went to town. They ran into a circus parade. The whole town turned into chaos!

I thought the story was hilarious when my mother read to me when I was 3 or 4. Then when I was a little older, I thought it was boooooooring! But I think the whole thing started with the worm getting angry and hit a tree. The hen also got mad and kicked a bucket. It will be a happy ending if the bug sneezed and hit a seed that fell to the ground and grew up to be a bean tree. Then, we can continue with the story of Jack and the Bean Stalk! I think it is more interesting.

I also have a story of sneeze and bugs. I sneeze very often. So often that my mother does not get excited over it anymore. But, this time, it was a little different. Because I sneezed, bugs went around. Because the bugs fly everywhere, I caught a sore throat. Because I had a sore throat, my nose blocked. Because my nose blocked, the bugs ran to my ear. Because the bugs stayed there, my ear got infected.

Because my ears got infected one time too often, my mummy got panic.

Because my mummy got panic, I got to see a special doctor in Singapore. Because the doctor is special, he said I am allergic to many bugs and cockroaches. So, I sneeze often. Because he is special, he also said I am over-weight. Because I am over-weight, he asked me to work on losing 2 kg first.

Because he said so, I have been working very hard. Because this special doctor said so, I even felt guilty eating a little piece of chocolate yesterday! Yeah, I have lost 1 kg!

When school begins on Tuesday, I will have to carry a 8-kg school bag and walk all the way to 4th floor where my class is located. Then it wil be fast for me to lose another kg.

See, sneezing is not bad, if you don’t get mad. The moral of the story is “Don’t get mad and hit a tree or kick a bucket. Then, even if you sneeze, you can meet a nice doctor who not only help you sneeze better, he can help you lose some weight!

Lessons for adults from
Because A Little Bug Went KA-CHOO
Rosetta Stone
Dr Seuss Series for Child Books

By Yan (Chris’ Mother)

This is a book of great truth. “You may not believe it, but here’s how it happened …” (that’s how the book begins.)

Soren Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher said, “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”

It is easier for us to understand this truth at the beginning of the year. On new year eve, just last night, did we realize more than at any other time in our lives we can never go back in time? We looked back and remembered, but we could not retrace a single moment of the year that had past!

Therefore, little Chris looked back at the story of the Little Bug and felt that if the worm had not been mad or the chicken had not been mad just because of little irritations, the whole serious chain events would not have happened! He understood life backwards, and seemed to understand that a little “bends” in life can make a whole world of difference!

Who can measure the potential of a sneeze?

Only time will tell. Therefore, the second truth is no matter how insignificant your work may seem now, but only time will tell the result of the consequence.

Who would have thought that a little sneeze of Chris would give him a determination to “lose some weight” by accepting certain forms of discipline or give up certain habits? We would not be able to see the influence on his life, it may reach beyond our years. But, we hold on the faith that “the sneeze has blown a seed and the seed has been planted”, God of harvest will cause the little seed to come to fruition.

When it does, it will be more than you can measure.

Before us stretches a new year. We feel the challenge of the unknown, of the unexplored, of the year ahead of us yet to be discovered. I feel a bit of excitement, a bit of fear, a feeling of weakness, but I know there are great possibilities in store for each of us in 2006, for God has said,

Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for them who loved Him. – 1 Corinthians 2:9b)


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