Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Bloom where you are planted

My Jie-jie, Rachel designed the Header of the Blog for mummy today. Mummy has wanted a rainbow, but Jie-jie does not like rainbow. So, Jie-jie designed a sunny bright day.

Sunny day is Jie-jie, Qing-Qing. Bright day is me, Liang-Liang. Qing means sunny day, Liang means bright.I always wonder if mummy is going to have another baby, will she call the baby rainy day? Probably not! Most probably, Rainbow!

Mummy asked me this morning a question. It goes like this – If you lose in a competition, do you know why you lose?

I was quick to answer, yes, I know why. Because the winner is better than me. Just like I can never beat Richard no matter how hard I try.

Mummy laughed and said, “Bloom where God plants you.” And from her magic bag, she gave me this card!

Bloom Where God Plants You

Mummy seems to find something to say about everything. She seems to have a magic bag that carries everything that can be given to us at any circumstance. She also seems to know every trick that I have. She even knows how to score well in my Chinese paper! This time I follow her magic, and I got an A!

When I asked mummy her magic, she gave me the same answer –

I bloom where I am planted!

Bloom where you are planted – where has God planted me?


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