Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Eyes of Wonder

My mother gave me a bag of surprises the other day when she greeted me at the school gate. I love surprises, especially those from my mother. She has a magic bag with surprises popping out every now and then. It makes me happy even on a blue day.

Now, here is the surprise – here come five little pigs and their daddy and mummy. You see, mummy always gives surprises. It is more than three little pigs. It is five little pigs.

Let me introduce to you the pigs.

Here come mummy pig. Mummy likes shopping. My sister says mummy can never have enough shoes! Oops… Ssh… My mother likes to say this – Are you spending the money that you have not earned to buy things you don’t need to impress people you don’t like? Today, mummy pig is shopping for her family. She would need vegetables, pepsi, books, a new hat and even a milk bottle.

Vegetables for her darling Mr Veggie! He eats healthy. Look at the greens in his basket! Mr Veggie always says he is the healthiest among the siblings.

I think Mr Veggie is great!


Mummy buys a bottle of Pepsi. Pepsi is for Miss Pepsi. Here you are.

She just loves pepsi. Everyday, she opens her eyes and asks for pepsi. She enjoys the gas!


Look at this baby pig. She is Miss Pacifier.

Mummy is going to buy her a milk bottle.

It takes her ages to grow out of the milk bottle.

She says she wants a new hat. She says this purple hat just does not match with her peach body.

She is Miss Vanity.

She cries when the mirror on the wall says Miss Pepsi is the fairest of them all.


Now here come the apple in the eyes of many uncles and aunties. Why? Because he is Mr Smart.

He is good in his studies. He has just graduated with a law degree from Oxford University.




Finally, here is daddy pig. Mummy pig has nothing for him. He looks sad.

Mummy hands over the empty basket to him and says,

“Tomorrow you are going to shop for all of us. There is a big bad wolf outside the house huffing and puffing. I am taking a rest.”

Why is the big bad wolf huffing and puffing outside the house?

Because it’s so hazy outside that the big bad wolf can hardly breathe! Is daddy going to bring him home for some gaps of clean air?

The end….


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