Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Mummy likes to eat chicken bones

My mummy told me this little story few days ago. It goes like this –

A couple has been married for 50 years. It means they are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. 50th wedding anniversary is called Golden Wedding Anniversary. I read all about Wedding Anniversaries here.

The husband brought the wife to a very nice restaurant. One of the dishes they ordered was fish. When the dish was served, the husband immediately took the fish head and put it on the wife’s plate.

The wife began to cry bitterly. The husband was lost. “Why is my wife crying?” He tried to calm her down.

When she calmed down, she said, “We have been married for 50 years. Each time you give me the fish head. You eat the better part of it. Even on this happy day, you do not give me the best part of the fish.”

The husband was speechless. He has been wanting to eat the fish head for 50 years. He has been giving the best part of the fish to her wife because he loves her so much.

Mummy said the moral of the story is that the husband and wife are not talking to each other.

I remember few years ago, my sister and I thought that mummy liked chicken bones. Every time when we have chicken wings, she would take the tips of the chicken wings that we don’t like to eat. One afternoon, my sister and I finished a whole plate of fried chicken wings and we decided to keep all the tips of the chicken wings for mummy. When mummy came back in the evening, I gave the whole plate to her thinking that she would be very happy.

Mummy smiled and told me that she gave the best to me and “Jie Jie”. O, oh, she does not like chicken bones!


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