Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Name, Names, Namess

I have a name that is beautiful and bright. It also sounds great.

My Chinese name is Lau Ker Liang(刘可亮). Lau is my family name. Ker(可) as in “ke-yi”(可以) in Chinese. That means “yes” or “ok” or “can be”. “Liang” (亮) as in “ming-liang”(明亮) in Chinese. That means “bright” or “clear”. “Liang” is also as in “yue-liang”(月亮) in Chinese. It is “moon”.

Is it not bright? Sometimes, I say it means “ke ai de yue liang”(可爱的月亮) (the cute moon).

My English name, Christopher was given by my sister. I think she likes “Christopher Robin” in the Winnie the Pooh. It is a long name. My mother said when I was small, the longest word I know is “elephant”. Christopher is even longer than elephant. So, I said my name is “Elephant Lau”.

My sister has a name that is also bright and sunny. It sounds equally great.

My sister’s Chinese name is Lau Ker Qing.(刘可晴) “Qing” as in “qing-tian” (晴天)or “tian-qing”(天晴) in Chinese. It means “sunny day”.

It is sunny and bright in my family all the time. We have joy, we have fun, we have season in the sun. We also enjoy the many-changing faces of the moon.

Both my name and Jie-jie’s name are given by my mother. My mother likes beautiful words. She said a beautiful name must have good meaning, easy to write, easy to read. She is good in both Chinese and English. But, she is very poor in Bahasa Malaysia. (sorry, I am telling the truth)

One night on a “sunny” day under the “moon” with “swallows” (my mother’s Chinese name has this word) resting on the tree nearby, my mother, my jie-jie and me were having a nice supper. My mother told us how she had carefully chosen our Chinese names so that we would not have a name that could be made fun of by people.

Suddenly, my jie-jie said, “I don’t like my math teacher. He always calls me kan-ching instead of ker-qing.”

My mother said, “kan-ching?”

My jie-jie said, “kan-ching in BM sounds like the word that means passing urine lah.”

Poor jie-jie. Poor mummy.


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