Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Talk about it, that’s all

There are two entrances to my school. The side gate is located opposite a shopping complex. It is a small road with a rain shade all the way leading to the school. The other entrance is the main gate. During rainy days, most parents drop their children at the side gate.

I do not like using the side gate. It is very smelly. When the school began two days ago, my mother has to take a route that passed by this side gate because we have to drop off “Jie-Jie” first. The first day when we passed by the side gate, she asked, “Can I drop you off here?”

I said, “No.”

This morning, it was drizzling. My mother asked again, “Can I drop you here? Then we would not be caught in the rain.”

It was drizzling. We were also a little later than usual because of the traffic jam caused by the rain.

I said, “No, it is smelly.”

My mother asked, “Are you telling me that all your school mates dropping off here like the smell of the smelly drain?”

We looked at each other and burst into laughters.

Driving from the side gate to the main gate, I told my mother that by taking a longer route, I could stay in the car a little longer to be with her. If it’s raining, she could park her car and walk me to the school under a big umbrella. It’s just very warm. Of course, I do not like the smell of the drain at the side gate. Remember? I am allergic to many bugs, I can go sneezing the whole morning!


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