Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Walking with mummy

Mummy and I have found a new way to exercise. We walk. Where do we walk? And how do we walk?

We walk along the road. We walk from our house to the town and walk the other way back. It is walking a big circle. The walk takes one hour.

Why do we walk? I can not go swimming for the past one week because I have blocked nose and cough. That leads to an ear infection. I have seen a doctor this morning and the doctor said the infection is now clear. The best news is we can go on holiday on Wednesday. Last week, the doctor said I may not be able to travel because when the plane is landing it may hurt my infected ear.

Walking with mummy in the evening is a happy time. Mummy listens to all my stories. Mummy also tells her stories.

I ask mummy why doesn’t she just make it simpler by walking on the machine at home for one hour also. Mummy says, “Walking on the machine you can stop anytime. But walking away from home, you need to walk back home no matter how tired and lazy you are.”

I think walking along the road gives me more scenes to see and allows me more time with mummy.

Watch how you walk (mum’s thoughts)

“Look carefully how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of the time, because the days are evil. – Ephesians 5:15

When I suggested to Chris that we walk, he has many instructions on how we walk. Before the walk, he instructs –

“Don’t wear expensive clothes. Don’t bring your purse. Bring your handphone. Wear comfortable shoes.”

During the walk, he cautions and cares –

“Watch up, there is a hole there. It’s dark here, be careful. Is your knee painful?”

From the simple process of two steps repeated over and over again, I have gained much insights. How we walk is actually an apt simile for how to live our life.

The supreme thing is not where you talk, but how you walk, “Look carefully how you walk.”. It is followed with instruction on how to walk rightly and accurately.

As Chris and me walk along the road, we have no problem as to where to walk. We know where we are going. But how we walk is a problem. Part of the route that we take does not have a pedestrian walk yet. So, the reminders from Chris here, “Watch up!”

Know your way, understand your route. That’s how you should walk. “Understand this, be wise; don’t be foolish but act as a wise man.”


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