Posted by: Yan | December 7, 2007

Felt Violated

I have taken the role of school prefect since July this year. I am assigned to be in charge of the canteen area.

Canteen is the place where law and order can never be the menu of the day. School mates are all hungry. They seem to be so hungry that they can eat a cow. So, they behave like tigers and lions most of the time. What are in the menu then?

On a normal day, the menu will be jumping queue, pushing one another, shouting and giggling. In a lighter mood, the menu will include some laughters.

On a not-so-good day, the menu will be monkey faces, eyes rolling to the top and scolding the poor prefects for being busybody.

Last Friday, there was one girl schoolmate who took a bowl of noodles and stood outside of the canteen eating. I invited her to go into the canteen to eat. She sneered at me and refused my kindness. Anyway, she finished her food and off she went. She left the bowl outside the canteen. I had to take the bowl inside the canteen for her.

After my duty was over, I went back to my classroom. I noticed that the girl schoolmate was walking behind me. So, I purposely walked slowly and occupied the staircase so that she could not overtake me. Suddenly, she pulled my pants.

I was treated roughly and felt violated. I kicked her leg which she shouted, “I did not pull your pants.”

Still fuming when my mother fetched me after school, I shouted in the car, “I felt violated!”

My mother was amused by my ordeal. She jokingly said, “You felt violated or being molested?”

Molest? A new menu for the coming week?


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